Welcome to Plastic Molded Part

Plastic Molded Part manufactures thermoplastic injection molded parts of only the finest quality. The company is located in the heart of New England, only 40 miles north of Boston. We serve a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and specialty Industries throughout the Northeast.

For more than twenty-five years, we have build our reputation by committing to a simple concept - complete customer satisfaction. In this challenging manufacturing environment, companies of all sizes are building success with the help of Molded Plastic Part. We respond to Customer needs by providing creative, economical, and quick solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is thermoplastic injection molding?

This is a process by which plastic pellets are melted in the barrel of a machine, and then injected into a metal mold that opens and closes in the machine.

How is the mold made?

We have an expert mold maker in house, who creates the metal tool to your specifications. We prefer a STP file, among the choices for drawings. We can also create a mold based on a sample part that you give us.

How long to make a mold?

Typically 6 weeks from a confirmed order. This can vary, depending on the conmplexity of the mold and the terms of the agreement. Once the mold is complete and tested, we send you samples for approval before we run your parts order.

Do you make prototypes?

No, our focus is on production, tooling, and parts. We do not do prototyping.

What other methods are there?

There is casting, machining, and some companies focus specifically on prototyping.

How long have you been in business?

Over thirty years, in Hudson, New Hampshire. We are local, and from the community.

I have a great idea for a new invention. It is going to sell millions

We have encountered quite a few inventors who invest their hard-earned money in a project without a clear sales and marketing plan. We need to advise you that no product, no matter how great it is, will sell itself. Make sure you research a clear business and distribution plan before moving ahead. Or start small and move into injection molding when the time comes.

Can you quote a job for me?

Sure, we would be glad to. We need either a drawing or a sample part to work from. We would want to know what the most critical tolerances are, based on what the part does. We will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and to discuss with you which kind of plastic might work best, or what design tweaks might be desirable. Feel free to visit and talk to us. Good idea to call first to make sure the people you need will be in house. Or feel free to email us at info@protopart.com to get a conversation started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can you run a few hundred parts for me?

If you need only a few hundred parts, especially as a one-time thing, you are better off to use a method other than injection molding. The original cost for the aluminum or steel mold starts in the thousands of dollars, and is more if the tool is complex, so it is not cost effective to build a mold to run only a few hundred parts. On the other hand, for repeat orders and/or higher quantities, the per-piece price is very low for running a job by thermoplastic injection molding, and it is definitely the way to go.

What do customers like specifically about your company?

We are small enough to be flexible and responsive to customer needs, but large enough to be professional and experienced. We have been complimented for our "open door policy". We welcome visits at any time to discuss customer needs, changes, or new ideas.

What are your limitations?

We do not do technical medical parts. We do not mold in the following materials: PVC and Fluoro Polymers (teflon). We can make parts from as small as a fraction of an ounce to as large as a pound and a half, but not extra-large parts.

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